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Tips for findings gem and bead vendors

Hello again,

You do not have to go to a world famous show like the Tuscon gem show to fine great components. Although there are good and bad vendors at all shows, the key to findings the good  vendors is to educate yourself by going to all shows in your area.

In the beginning, you should study up on rocks and minerals so that you will recognize what you are looking at.  Make yourself familiar with millimeters so you will be able know by…

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Tips on selecting your beads and gems for jewelry making

It is imperative that you select good quality beads and findings for your art work. Most importantly, it is essential that the holes in the beads, gems, etc are in very good condition.

If you are hand knotting your jewelry this is very important. Very often, you will find rough and irregular holes with gems so I recommend that you look over your components very carefully.

That is why, I like to select my gems and pearls at select trade shows,…

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Recharging in the Florida Springs

Florida has 33 first-magnitude springs, including such well-known swimming holes as Rainbow, Weeki Wachee and Wakulla Springs. There are between 100 and 200 second-magnitude springs statewide, discharging anywhere from 6.5 million to 64 million gallons of water per day.

Florida’s springs provide immeasurable natural, recreational and economical benefits for residents and visitors. Geologists estimate that there are more than 900 springs in Florida, possibly the largest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth. The state of Florida has made it a priority to…

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Art of the Brick in Tampa, Florida

Do not miss out on this tremendous free show if you are visiting Tampa, Florida this summer.  This incredible art show runs until September 4

“The Art of the Brick takes LEGO bricks somewhere you wouldn’t expect and shows you things you have never seen before,” said artist Sawaya. “A goal with this collection of art is to demonstrate the potential of imagination and the power of creativity.”

The Art of the Brick is the first major exhibition to use LEGO…

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Shopping for antiques, especially jewelry in the Biron Market in Paris

You can stroll and browse for hours if you’d like, or just hit specific merchants and make it a bit quicker. Biron, Paul Bert, and Dauphine are great markets all specializing in different types of wares. If you’re looking for great, high end antiques, stay at Biron. Head over to Paul Bert for funkier, more varied items. Hit Dauphine for great furniture and decorative pieces that aren’t quite the bank-breakers you find at Biron. For a purely browsing experience…

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The colorful Macaroons in Paris, France

If you like sweets, you will love Paris. I definitely had one of everything, especially at the Ritz where my husband I feasted on confections at a three hour French tea party

The colorful famous Parisian macaroons will take your breath away. They are probably one of the most famous confections in the city of lights.

The flavors and colors are exceptional. I will show pictures below of this lovely desert. They are so good with a cup of espresso. The French…

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The Dali Museum in Montmartre

The Dali Museum is interesting and  fun. We have visited the museum in Montmartre on several different occasions but this time, especially to see the installation of Joann Spar and Salvador Dali.

The ride up on the Funicular to Montmartre has great views of Paris. The museum in Paris is amazing and enjoyable.

If you visit these museum in Montmartre, you will be able to purchase original Dali works of art. There are associates to help you with your selection. The…

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Colorful Perfume Shops in Paris

It is always so much fun to shop for perfume in Paris. They have such great fragrances with beautiful bottles. The perfume boutique’s were an explosion of color and charm.

We ran across a very interesting shop in Montmartre while window shopping in the 18th arrondissement.

The windows were so impressive and inviting in this fabulous spot. They displayed, every type of perfume bottle that you could imagine.

They specialized in Violet perfume. It was such a lovely scent that I had…

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Train rides from Paris SNCB- the fast train

One of the best things that I like about France are the trains. They are so convenient and will take you to many areas around the country.

We bought a rail pass before with left the states. It was a four day pass that enabled us to take 4 fabulous excursions through the country side of France.

Our day trips were long but worth while. It was so enjoyable travelling first class and looking out the window at all the beauty…

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Africa at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris

We were so lucky to be in Paris when the Galeries Lafayette featured Africa Now in their window displays and throughout every department of this breathtaking department store.

Galeries Lafayette is one of the finest stores in the world. You will always be inspired with their current fashion trends. This store is unbelievable, housing the best that the world has to offer in every department.

It was a feast for the eyes with the customers stacked up to buy cosmetics or…

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