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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Selecting the proper semi-precious stones and pearls

Today, I  find myself thinking about the quality of the beads and fresh water pearls that I purchased from vendors at trade shows. It is necessary for me to check out everything about these beads before making a selection.

That is why, I personally select…

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Finishing jewelry with French Wire for a professional look

Today, I finish all of my hand-knotted jewelry with french wire that is attached to the clasp of the necklace. In the beginning of my jewelry making, I finished the ends of my work with clam shells. I was not truly happy with the look…

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A Pearl for Every Mood

I think that pearls are loved by every woman. They are so simple and pure with a sophisticated twist.  Pearls are good for every occasion,  they might be great for a lavish wedding or just a trip to the grocery store.

If you have ever…

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Living close to the ocean and intercoastal waterway

I feel very lucky today because I live so close to views of the water. I will step out in front of my house this morning to see the Intercoastal waterway which is only a few feet from my front door. Everyday, when I…

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Living nearby the Norton Art Gallery

Enclosed are some fun photo’s from the Norton Art Gallery. I spent the day with my grandson at the Museum. I am very lucky to live near this important gallery. This museum is in West Palm Beach, Florida. I go there for inspiration. They…

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