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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Keeping up with Current Fashion

Today, I just picked up my weekly hard copy of WWD magazine my mailbox. The WWD issues are beautiful and holds tons of news from the fashion industry. Every morning, I also enjoyed reading my WWD online copy at 6 am with my coffee.


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My metalsmith workshop

Today, I will spend sometime, cleaning my second studio which is part of my garage. It need to be organized from time to time because it gets very messy. I work with an open door, always wearing a mask, making sure that I have…

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Taking time to smell the flowers

Today, I will swim in our swimming pool for about 30-40 minutes, tend to my garden for at least 15 minutes a day.  I need to exercise in order to stay in shape mentally and physically. I do so much sitting with designing jewelry…

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Paris Flee markets

I love to visit Paris in the Spring time, really anytime is fine with me. We have been to Paris several time but I fine myself wanting to get to all the flee markets in this exciting city.

The most famous is Clignancourt (pronounced “Clee-nyahn-cour”) and also known…

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