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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Business trip by train

It was very interesting to travel to New York City on the Amtrak train. I had never been on an overnight train before; but decided that it would be a fun way to spends a couple of nights in a sleeper car.

Many times before,…

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Staying in Shape While Designing Jewelry

I have written about  exercise before, but I cannot stress how important  moving around is for the jewelry designer. We cannot just sit all day and make jewelry.

I have been at my craft for 17 years  and  realize everyday that I need more exercise…

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My Jewelry Featured in Magazines

It is exciting to see my work in International magazines. My signature necklace is featured in the British Vogue “It’s List” for the month of July. This issue can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or on line.

Vogue is such a wonderful magazine, I…

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