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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Shopping for Antiques in the Paris Biron Market

You can stroll and browse for hours if you’d like, or just hit specific merchants and make it a bit quicker. Biron, Paul Bert, and Dauphine are great markets all specializing in different types of wares. If you’re looking for great, high end antiques,…

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The Colorful Macaroons of Paris

If you like sweets, you will love Paris! I definitely had one of everything, especially at the Ritz where my husband and I feasted on confections at a three hour French tea party.

The famous colorful Parisian macaroons will take your breath away. They are probably…

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The Dali Museum in Montmartre

The Dali Museum is interesting and  fun. We have visited the museum in Montmartre on several different occasions but this time, especially to see the installation of Joann Spar and Salvador Dali.

The ride up on the Funicular to Montmartre has great views of Paris….

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