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Tips for Finding Gemstone Vendors and Trade Shows

Hello again,

You do not have to go to a world famous show like the Tuscon gem show to fine great components. Although there are good and bad vendors at all shows, the key to findings the good  vendors is to educate yourself by going to all shows in your area.

In the beginning, you should study up on rocks and minerals so that you will recognize what you are looking at.  Make yourself familiar with millimeters so you will be able know by sight what size you are looking at.

Be sure to get a tax ID in your state because the good shows will not let you in with out this information. There are probably shows in your area that are open to the public. This is a good starting point where you can visit and just study the beads and gems.

There are great shows in all area’s of the country. I particularly love the gem shows in Marlborough, Mass, West Springfield, Mass, Hartford, Ct. and New York City.  These gems shows were very large and displayed wonderful gems and minerals several times a year.

I have been lucky enough to attend shows in different countries, France, Germany, Austria, London to name a few. These days, I attend many Florida Shows, especially the G@LW shows in Orlando which occurs several times a year.

I am adding information about 2 trusted vendors that I have done business with for many years.  Ask for Sue at Lanshang and Loretta at Choy. If your looking for high quality gems I suggest Taj from New York City— e-mail  tajco@hotmail.com

Now, you have some information on gems, from New York, Orlando and Miami, Florida—-Happy beading!

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