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Visiting the Wedding Salon at Printemps Paris Haussman

This Spring, we will once again be returning to Paris. As they say, there is nothing like Paris in the Springtime, and no visit to Paris would be complete without a visit to Printemps Paris Haussman!

During our last visit, our boutique hotel was only 5 minute walk to Printemps, the shopping destination that always manages to take our breath away. We visited this luxury retail store for several days during our last time in the city of lights. While there, you can view the finest jewelry and luxury lifestyle brands on every floor.

The wedding salon, know as the “le Mariage,” is located on the 6th floor of Printemps. It is truly wedding gown heaven. There is also a section featuring wedding gowns that have each been hand selected by Maria Luisa, the fashion editor of Printemps. Viewing the latest and most sought-after wedding gowns, bridal accessories, and jewelry everything is a wonderful, decadent treat that gives me so much inspiration.

Traditionally, brides like crystals and pearls, but this bridal showcase has additional interesting ideas for me, such hair ornaments and accessories, perfect for both destination weddings and the unique bride.







Make sure to sit down for lunch during your visit to Printemps in the beautiful room encased in exquisite, vaulted stained-glass ceilings. Printemps Paris Haussman is a must-see when visiting Paris!



L’espace Maria Luisa Mariage vous accueille au Printemps Haussmann, étage 6 du Printemps de la Mode.
Renseignements au 01 42 82 51 04 ou mariage@printemps.fr

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