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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Packaging and Presentation Supplies for a Jewelry Studio

These are the packaging and presentation supplies that I use in my jewelry studio and business.

I particularly love my Display Boxes from Rody, Inc in Miami, Florida. They have a clear glass top  which I use to organize my jewelry by color and style….

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Tips for the 70+ Entrepreneur and Artist

You might probably wonder how 70+ year old artist and business owner is able to keep up the pace of running a business and creating designs on a daily basis.

20 years ago when I first started making jewelry, I was spending at least 10…

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Refreshing your creativity

Often, just being in a creative environment will inspire you and refresh your creativity. The power of stepping away from your work is well documented.

Last evening, I had the pleasure of people watching, window shopping and just breathing in the beautiful fresh air in…

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Taking a break and visiting Paris at Easter time.

The City of Lights is a glorious time in the spring, especially around the holidays. The colors are fresh and vibrant with a surprise around every corner of the streets in Paris.

Blooming flowers and trees line the picturesque streets with charm and delight for…

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