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Refreshing your creativity

Often, just being in a creative environment will inspire you and refresh your creativity. The power of stepping away from your work is well documented.

Last evening, I had the pleasure of people watching, window shopping and just breathing in the beautiful fresh air in Palm Beach.  It was an especially glorious night with dew on the flowers after a mid-afternoon rain storm.

We are  lucky to live close to Worth Ave in Palm Beach where the colorful sites are breathtaking and refreshing. You don’t have to live near Worth Ave to enjoy these pleasures. Just walk down a street, through a mall, or even a coffee shop. There are brilliant displays at work all around you, even if they’re not any close to your industry and niche. Imagine seeing a vibrant window display in a store, maybe the bold colors will inspire you to create a new fabulous design. Sometimes, it is hard for me to leave my studio when I am all wrapped up in a jewelry project, but the benefits of stepping outside are always beneficial for me.

Find an image that you love and create a design from that. Start with your wildest hopes and dreams, than temper back to fit (loosely) within your brand guideline.










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