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Hidden Gems and Antique Stores in Micanopy, Florida

During a recent trip to Gainesville, I had the opportunity to check out the numerous Antique Stores in Micanopy, Florida. There were a few antique stores that stood out among the rest, and one in particular that took my breath away! I thought for a few minutes that I was in a fabulous antique market in Paris; the quality and selection of the antique jewelry was superb!

Antique Stores in Micanopy

Delectable Collectables

This shop had the most spectacular collection of antique Cameos and fine jewelry that I have ever seen, despite my numerous trip overseas visiting Antique Stores. There was definitely museum quality treasures from the past. The owner of the store has been in business in Micanopy for the past 38 years. I cannot even guess how many gorgeous cameos she has acquired over the years. There were 1000’s. All types and shapes of high quality cameo pendants, brooches and every imaginable decorative type of jewelry. This memorable store also had some wonderful antique, vintage and hand-signed pieces of jewelry. .

Also, the owner was a former history teacher and was very knowledgeable and delightful. I walked away learning so much about the beauty of antique jewelry.

Winters Past

This was a remarkable shop that I will revisit at some point. There was a huge collection of Antique and Vintage Jewelry. They also have vintage clothing and accessories from the 1920’s to 1980’s.

I need to go back and spend a day in this shop alone, scouring the inventory for unique pieces of art that I can incorporate into my jewelry designs.

 The Micanopy Outpost– Fine Antiques and Furniture

This shop had beautiful furniture, jewelry and nice collection of Highwaymen Paintings!

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