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Best Antique and Flea Markets in Paris

To say that I love the market at St -Ouen is putting it mildly. I am a little obsessed about always visiting this remarkable spot in Paris. With 200o indoor and open-air stalls, the market can be overwhelming for a first-time visitor. We have shopped at this market at least half a dozen times over the last several years. I have been dealing with these vendors for several years

The location of this market is at the Porte of Clignacourt station of the Paris Metro, the northern terminus of line 4, situated  in the 18 Arrondissement. The station was opened on April 21, 1908 as a part of the first section of the line from Chatelet. I love Marche Vernaison and this is where I spend so much of my time, combing through exciting antique shops.

If you are looking for bargains, I would not suggest this market. Everything is quite expensive but the atmosphere is so colorful and amazing. I enjoy every minute that I spend at Clignancourt.

As your getting off the Metro, you will see 100’s of vendors selling tee shirts and sneakers etc, some of which are very high quality, but to reach the antique sections of the market, you will have to keep on walking for a few more blocks.

If you love to browse and look at amazing objects of art from the past, you will be absolutely delighted this special place.

There are great things to see and a delightful French restaurant in Marche Vernaison. We fell in love with Chez Lorraine, with it’s authentic  cuisine and great Parisian entertainment. It is a favorite spot for Isabel Marant, the famous french designer

Below are some pictures of me doing business with some of my favorite shop keepers.



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