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Packaging and Presentation Supplies for a Jewelry Studio

These are the packaging and presentation supplies that I use in my jewelry studio and business.

I particularly love my Display Boxes from Rody, Inc in Miami, Florida. They have a clear glass top  which I use to organize my jewelry by color and style….

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Tips for the 70+ Entrepreneur and Artist

You might probably wonder how 70+ year old artist and business owner is able to keep up the pace of running a business and creating designs on a daily basis.

20 years ago when I first started making jewelry, I was spending at least 10…

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Taking a break and visiting Paris at Easter time.

The City of Lights is a glorious time in the spring, especially around the holidays. The colors are fresh and vibrant with a surprise around every corner of the streets in Paris.

Blooming flowers and trees line the picturesque streets with charm and delight for…

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Networking Groups for Women Entrepreneurs

Networking Groups for Women Entrepreneurs
There are so many benefits to joining networking groups for women entrepreneurs and business owners! These groups not only offer empowerment and support for women entrepreneurs and business owners, but also opportunities to serve and give back to the community.

Women’s Networking…

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Weekend Inspiration!

It is fun searching for inspiration on the weekend, always looking for a new opening, art show or all around fun.

West Palm Beach is brimming with great things to do all the time. I spend most of my weekdays designing and handcrafting my jewelry,…

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How to select Gems and Pearls for Jewelry Making

Selecting the gems, pearls and beads to use in jewelry designs is one of the most fun and exciting part of being a jewelry designer! While the internet abounds with online gem and bead shops, I do not suggest buying gems online. Instead, I…

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Agate, Geode, and Druzy Accents

Quite a few of my hand-knotted necklaces include natural pendants as a focal point. Each geode or agate piece is carefully selected from all over the world, with a special emphasis on choosing unique shapes, sizes, and color striations. Finding pieces with druzy in…

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Colorful Perfume Shops in Paris

It is always so much fun to shop for perfume in Paris. They have such great fragrances with beautiful bottles. The perfume boutique’s were an explosion of color and charm.

We ran across a very interesting shop in Montmartre while window shopping in the 18th…

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Train rides from Paris SNCB- the fast train

One of the best things that I like about France are the trains. They are so convenient and will take you to many areas around the country.

We bought a rail pass before with left the states. It was a four day pass that enabled…

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Africa at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris

We were so lucky to be in Paris when the Galeries Lafayette featured Africa Now in their window displays and throughout every department of this breathtaking department store.

Galeries Lafayette is one of the finest stores in the world. You will always be inspired with…

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