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Antique shopping when on vacation

We just returned from Connecticut last evening, after spending a long weekend in Old Lyme, Ct. in beautiful New England. Old Lyme. Ct is brimming with beauty and history, and is a great place to shop for vintage and antique baubles. I love checking…

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Art Show “Continuum” in City Place

There is always so much going on in West Palm Beach with the Convention Center and Cityplace in close proximity  We have been busy visiting the art shows in the downtown district

This past weekend we attended the Pop up show Continuum at City Place….

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Shopping for Antiques in the Paris Biron Market

You can stroll and browse for hours if you’d like, or just hit specific merchants and make it a bit quicker. Biron, Paul Bert, and Dauphine are great markets all specializing in different types of wares. If you’re looking for great, high end antiques,…

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Train rides from Paris SNCB- the fast train

One of the best things that I like about France are the trains. They are so convenient and will take you to many areas around the country.

We bought a rail pass before with left the states. It was a four day pass that enabled…

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The shoes in Paris, the colors and styles

It was so interesting to see all of the beautiful shoes in Paris. They seemed to be way ahead of the USA in style and comfort.

I did a lot of shopping and loved purchasing a new pair of Parisian Sneakers. My choice was Puma,…

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